Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed said the Union of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries must act in unity on economic issues in order to stand upright against the United States and European Union (EU) countries.

35. Speaking at the business and Investment Conference as part of the ASEAN Summit, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir addressed the issues of the US-China trade war and EU countries ' restrictions on palm oil trade with Malaysia.

"If you reduce palm oil imports from Malaysia, we will reduce some of our imports from you," Mahathir said, stressing that ASEAN should be able to leverage its 650 million population and economic potential."

Prime Minister Mahathir said: "We don't want a trade war but sometimes when they do unpleasant things to us we have to know to be bad too.”

"We must do as Trump has done," Mahathir said, adding that retaliation should be carried out on trade issues like US President Donald Trump. He's not a nice guy, but he makes these kind of moves, and we can sometimes learn something from even unpleasant people."

"Let's always try to speak with one voice," said Mahathir, who advises ASEAN countries to act in unity on economic issues. If you act alone, you will be despised by these countries," in his assessment.

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