Maduro, who’s presidency was broadly welcomed, is pushing his country towards a dictatorship.Who is Maduro?The full name of the current President of Venezuela is Nicolas Maduro Moros. He had previously served as foreign minister and deputy PM. he represented the subway workers of Caracas during the 1970s and 80s in which unions were outlawed and is a bus driver by profession. Known to have been a close friend and confidante of former president Chavez, Maduro temporarily took over the presidency following the former’s death and won the elections with 51 percent of the approximately 19 million of votes cast against his rival Capriles on April 14th 2013. In a speech he gave on the day of the elections he emphasised that the revolution and struggle continued. When Chavez went to Cuba for treatment for his recurrent cancer, he had indicated Maduro as his successor. Chavez also called the former bus driver “a revolutionary, a man of significant experience despite his young age, a man who can overcome the most difficult circumstances with great sacrifice and working capacity.”By İrem GölYou can read the rest of the article on our issue of April

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