Serhat TUNAR - TDO - After the fire, France made a global announcement on Thursday for a contest on a new design of the new spire of the famous cathedral. The new spire is expected ‘’to be adapted to the techniques of our era.’’

France’s deputy interior minister stated that the fire was 15 to 30 minutes away from destroying the cathedral.  He added that the fire fighters ‘’risked their own lives’’ to save the iconic masterpiece. Security and Safety assessment of the building will be carried out for the next 48 hours.

French President Macron stated that in the next five years, Notre Dame would be rebuilt. He made a promise that the cathedral would be even more beautiful than before. People around the world got together to make donations more than €750 million for Notre Dame.

The fire started on Monday evening, being in the centre of the world’s attention. Millions hold their breath watching the iconic building in fire. More than 400 fire fighters rushed to put out the flames and preserve the stone structure of the cathedral.  The fire was successfully put out. Only casualty reported was a fireman’s injury during extinguishing the fire. Now, the process investigation and preservation launched.  The outside walls, the bell towers and 16 copper statues remain the unharmed, however the spire is extremely damaged.  Investigators are not allowed to enter the building until it is made sure that the building is safe and resistant against collapsing.

Macron said "Notre-Dame is burning, and I know the sadness, and this tremor felt by so many fellow French people. But tonight, I'd like to speak of hope too. Let's be proud, because we built this cathedral more than 800 years ago, we've built it and, throughout the centuries, let it grow and improved it. So I solemnly say tonight: we will rebuild it together.”

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