Selin ATAY-TDO- French President Emmanuel Macron said that Saudi Arabia should be involved in any new negotiations with Iran about the 2015 nuclear deal. Macron added that talks with Tehran would be very “strict,” and warned that little time remains to prevent Iran developing a nuclear weapon.

French President stressed the need to avoid repeating what he called the mistake of excluding other countries in the region from discussions when the 2015 deal was negotiated.  "Negotiations with Iran will be quite strict," the French President said in a statement. It will be necessary to involve our partners in the region, including Saudi Arabia, in the nuclear deal," he said. Macron also stressed that a regional trust agreement with Saudi Arabia must be reached.

The French President also shared with reporters his intention to visit Lebanon for a third time, following” confirmation of fundamental issues." Macron, on the other hand, did not give an additional statement on what he meant by' confirmation of fundamental issues ' and when he would visit Beirut. During his interview, Macron targeted on Lebanese leaders:

"We will do everything necessary to form a government in Lebanon, even if it is incomplete. The Lebanese regime is in trouble because of the diabolical alliance between corruption and intimidation. In Lebanon, the only thing that allows us to move towards a solution is the French initiative. I love the Lebanese people, but their leader does not deserve Lebanon. Indeed, this country is considered a pluralistic model in a region scorched by madness. The exceptional Lebanese people have exhibited intellectual and cultural achievements of a unique nature abroad.

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