İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO- 16.06.2017- The French president, Emmanuel Macron, claimed the door to the EU will remain open to Britain during Brexit negotiations which are planned to start on the next Monday.

In a joint press conference with Theresa May, conducted in the gardens of Élysée Palace, Macron said he respects to ‘’sovereign decision of French people’’, adding ‘’until negotiations come to an end there is always a chance to reopen the door’’. Also, he suggested that as the negotiations go on it will be more and more difficult to go backwards. His statements encouraged opponents of the decision.

Asked about her failure the election which resulted in a hung parliament, May said she remained determined to make a success of Brexit but wished to maintain a “deep and special partnership” with the EU and would try to secure the interests of both UK and other 27 nations of the union.

Nevertheless, it seems May’s attempt to have a snap election and collect all powers in her hand would cost her and UK a lot. In the eve of the negotiations, it will be very hard to both control a hung parliament and defend her points against European commissioners who are seeking to sink the British ship that voluntarily left the armor. For instance, ahead of a critical session of the Brexit subcommittee on Thursday, Chancellor Philip Hammond and business secretary Greg Clark are pushing hard to ensure that the UK is seeking a jobs and business-first deal.

May is trying to establish a new government in cooperation with DUP. About the issue she said, “We as a government remain absolutely steadfast in our commitment to the Belfast agreement and the subsequent agreements’’, acknowledging government’s commitment to devolution in Northern Ireland was “absolute”.

It is expected that the upcoming debates will be about the idea of full membership of the customs union, dropping the language of “no deal being better than a bad deal” and even a more flexible approach to immigration. Briefly, from now on, UK has less chance to convince European leaders.  

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