Ayberk Eryılmaz- TDO- 19.07.2017- French President Emmanuel Macron has enunciated his country's collaboration in the Holocaust. Actually, French public opinion lashes out this fact but he interestingly criticized the downplaying the French role in sending thousands of Jews to death. The relocations were held on July 16-17 1942 and totally 76.000 Jews were deported by Vichy regime from France to Nazi concentration camps. Thus, he asserted that German alone was not guilty because French government directly involved to it as well.

Mr. Macron continued that this is a disgrace for their history and while this event was happening, any German was not right there.

It was approximately 50 years later; Jacques Chirac became the first French leader acknowledging the state’s part in the Holocaust. Likewise, Macron condemned the Vichy government caused a black mark to the modern French history.

On the contrary, Marie Le Pen who is the right-wing nationalist rejected the responsibility of France on the issue and by responding her in such that, Macron highlighted the realities of Vichy regime which was not the representative of whole French but it was an administration of France as well as that he approved it was defective. Macron said “We saw that some people are rejecting the realities acknowledges by the French authority as well as approved by distinguished historians. Answering them actually honored those counterfeiters. Yet keeping quiet is much worse because if we remain silent, we are perceived to associate with them”.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu joint at the ceremony and Mr. Macron also covenanted to fight the fact of anti-Semitism and racism which still exist in the World. As to Netanyahu, they are in danger about destroying not only Jews but also the Israeli state and France plus the threats stem from zealots of militant Islam which come from the rising its popularity and its extremist predisposition. Moreover, the two leaders assured that they need to fight against terrorism which is the worst kind of the expression of hatred. Meanwhile there were some demonstrations against Netanyahu owing to criticizing Jewish settlement policy and the blockade of Gaza.

To exemplify, the former French Ambassador to Israel, Ellie Bernavi, said ‘’The presence of Netanyahu makes me a little uneasy.” Afterwards, Macron indicated that he called it a "natural gesture" to invite Netanyahu. Curiously, Netanyahu is the first Israeli leader participating the emotional ceremony at the Vel d'Hiv stadium. Consequently, Macron pointed out not to be confused the subject of the commemoration and Franco-Israeli relations.

About two years ago, France shared the documents belongs to the Vichy regime, reigning France between the period between 1940 and 1944. These documents are covering policies of the foreign ministry, domestic ministry and ministry of justice of France. Some distinguished researchers like Denis Pechanski specify that it is useful and significant to reveal the confidential relationship between the French government and Nazi Germany during the occupation of France. In what ways, the government was established by Philipp Petain in Vichy region of France. As it seen, the regime was just a puppet regime. Therefore, being under the pressure of Nazi Germany caused some contributions against Jews because they had to do whatever the Nazi executives want. In the light of these, it is apparent that coming up against the historical realities by conducting the archive research is the only way to figure out this period.

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