News Center -TDO- Luxembourg’s Ambassador to Turkey Georges Faber and his spouse Barbara Faber- Mohr hosted a reception in consequence of the "Luxembourg National Day" at the Luxembourg Embassy residence.

Ambassador Faber, who hosted the reception, welcomed the guests at the door with his spouse Barbara Faber-Mohr. Metin Kıratlı, President of the Administrative Affairs Office of the Presidency, as well as many foreign mission representatives and many other guests attended the reception.

In his opening speech after reading the national anthems, Ambassador Faber stressed that Luxembourg has made significant contributions to the European Union (EU) project. "Today, this special and unique creation is part of our DNA. The EU is also in the formation of Luxembourg's multinational and multicultural society is an important premise,” stated Mr. Ambassador.

Ambassador Faber also said that despite its small geography and small population, Luxembourg is one of the major economic power centers and investment centers in the world.

Ambassador Faber also touched upon the importance of relations with Turkey and said "My country, as well as other countries, Turkey's exports to Western Europe serves as a major logistics center." said.

In spite of the problems of Turkey's European Ambassador Faber said that it was necessary to remain as part of the project, stressing that he would always give support to Turkey's EU accession of the country.

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