Robert HARNEIS -TDO- (FRANCE)- President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko seems to be recovering his confidence in the face of a determined Western supported ‘color revolution’ attempt to unseat him. He has received qualified support from his ally President Putin of Russia, who has congratulated him on his re-election.

Speaking to workers at Dzerzhinsky agricultural complex, he mocked the initiative by French President Emmanuel Macron to be a mediator in resolving the situation in Belarus.

"Macron said that he wants to mediate in the negotiations in Belarus. "Let me first be the mediator between the 'yellow vests' and Macron," Lukashenko told workers.

The massive Yellow Vest demonstrations in France against excessive taxation and poverty, began in November 2018 and are continuing at a lower level. There have been 10 deaths, with 1843 protestors and over 1000 police injured. Police were accused of deliberately firing rubber bullets, intended to be aimed at legs, in protesters faces. The result has been at least 94 serious injuries with 14 protesters blinded in one eye. There have been many arrests with immediate prison sentences. Tens of thousands of riot police and even the military have been used by the authorities.

 So far there have been three deaths in the disturbances in Belarus and one of those is alleged to be the case of a demonstrator who blew himself up with his own homemade grenade when attempting to throw it at the police.

The President of Belarus also reacted to the recent statement of the American Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who said that the United States was worried about the shortcomings in the election process in Belarus and condemned the violence against peaceful demonstrators.

"I wish they could clean up the mess at home," Lukashenko said.

He accused the West of using the situation in Belarus to divert attention from its own problems and redirect them to another country.

Lukashenko also rejected the possibility of dialogue with the opposition and said that he would continue negotiations only with working collectives.

"We had elections. "Let's continue to live in peace," Lukashenko said at the meeting with workers. He added that he does not plan to introduce military law in the country.

After 26 years of authoritarian rule by Lukashenko clearly some in Belarus would like a change. However, the Belarus President has governed the country well and in his early years saved it from the economic collapse that took place in Russia. It is unlikely that there will now be a majority in favor of following the disastrous Ukrainian example, where what was supposed to lead to greater democracy has ended up in civil war and widespread poverty.

On the other hand, the US and its allies especially Poland and Lithuania sense a chance to ‘flip’ the country from its alliance with Russia through a forced change of government. They will keep up the pressure.

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