İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO- 02.06.2017- Middle East Media Research Institute revealed that Deash use match-maker sites for influencing young adults.

Institute which’s headquarters is located in Washington D.C, argued that terrorists apply to international wedding-broker websites that target conservative Muslims, to find a wife.

In the article, it is indicated that you can see advertisement of these kind of websites such as Islamic Marriage in Mosul or in Syria.  Also, it says some users of the site write some interesting messages to their profile page just as to promise to go to Turkey in honeymoon.

English The Sun newspaper published a commitment of a user of the site as ‘’ I am looking forward to have a wife that I can love and spend pleased time with. We may go to romantic places like Turkey and create our happy memories’’.

Actually, it is not a new thing. It is significant to remind that two years ago, famous hacker group called Anonymous hacked a similar site called isissingles.com Unfortunately, Islam used negatively to wash brains of thousands to become terrorists and presented as something that has nothing common with the real nature of the religion. This is just another example of degeneration. 

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