İrem UZUN -TDO- Two people were killed and a number of others injured in a terrorist attack near London Bridge on Friday, the suspect was wrestled to the ground by passersby and shot dead by police. The suspect, who police say was wearing a fake suicide vest, died after emergency services were called to a stabbing incident at premises near the bridge shortly before 2pm on Friday.

Footage on social media appears to show the knifeman being held down by passers-by before firearms officers intervene and shoot him dead. Members of the public expressed their admiration for the bravery of those involved. In footage captured by bystanders, civilians are seen wrestling with a person lying on the ground at the northern end of the bridge, before being pulled to safety by armed police arriving at the scene. The suspect, dressed in black, then appeared to try to rise, before firearms officers fired two shots. One man wearing a suit appeared to have removed a large knife from the suspect before the shots were fired and was filmed running down the road away from the scene gesturing at others to get back.

The suspect, named by police as 28-year-old Usman Khan, was a former prisoner and convicted of a terrorist offence who was out on licence. Police said he had been living in Staffordshire, and that searches were being carried out at an address there. He had been released from jail a year ago after agreeing to wear an electronic tag and have his movements monitored.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan and Prime Minister Boris Johnson both offered their thanks to the heroes. Johnson praised emergency services and said members of the public who physically intervened to protect the lives of others showed extraordinary bravery. "For me they represent the very best of our country and I thank them on behalf of all of our country," he said.

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