Serhat TUNAR -TDO- Liverpool's management, the leader of the UK Premiere League, have announced they are abandoning their decision to take advantage of public resources to pay staff salaries.

Football clubs, deprived of income and financially strained due to the outbreak of the new type coronavirus (COVID-19), began to reduce the salaries of their players and employees.

Following the meeting on 3 April with the participation of English Premier League management and clubs, Liverpool made an official statement and announced that some of their employees had been put on unpaid leave but would still be paid their salaries.

That explanation meant Liverpool benefited from the 80 per cent salary payment programme launched by the government, and only 20 per cent of salaries went out of the club's coffers.

But a large majority, including Jamie Carragher, one of the club's key figures and former players, reacted strongly to Liverpool's decision, claiming the club had lost respect.

As a result of these reactions, Liverpool chief executive Peter Moore issued a statement on the club's official website saying they had stopped sending employees on unpaid leave and apologised.

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