Serhat TUNAR -TDO- After the conclusion of the summit meeting in Berlin, the German capital, in order to achieve a permanent ceasefire and political stability in Libya, where the Civil War is raging, it was decided to establish an inclusive and effective government approved by the Libyan House of Representatives and to strictly follow the arms embargo imposed on the country.

The post-summit Political Agreement on Libya is an important roadmap for political stability and a solution, the states participating in the meeting pledged to stop providing arms assistance and military support to groups in Libya during the ceasefire period.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said they had agreed on a comprehensive plan for Libya and announced that a military committee of 5 Plus 5 would be formed.

The Declaration agreed on the following articles:

* A military committee consisting of Libyan parties will be convened in Geneva, Switzerland.

* The United Nations (UN) will step in to establish technical committees to control and oversee the implementation of the ceasefire.

* The states participating in the meeting "will support the unification of Police and military forces in Libya under one authority".

* The states participating in the meeting will support "the establishment of a unified Libyan national security system under the control of the central and civilian authority".

* The UN will play a role in facilitating ceasefire negotiations between the parties (Libyan Government of National Reconciliation - KhalifaHafter forces).

* From the start of the ceasefire, the parties and their supporters will cease their military activities in Libya. The UN-imposed arms embargo on Libya will be strictly supervised.

* An International Monitoring Committee will be formed to maintain coordination following the Berlin summit under the auspices of the UN.

 The committee will include all parties and international organizations participating in the Berlin Conference.

* The UN will coordinate the committee. The committee will meet monthly with the participation of senior officials. The committee will include 4 Technical Working Groups at the level of experts.

In addition to these articles, the countries attending the conference in Berlin called on the warring parties in Libya to end the transition process with free, inclusive and fair elections.

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