Businessman Levent Sadýk Ahmet, son of the late Dr Sadýk Ahmet, the unforgettable leader of Western Thrace Turks has made an important statement regarding the theft of the automobile in which his father had been killed on July 24th 1995 in a suspicious car crash.
Speaking at Sarýþaban (Chrisopoli) Airport after arriving by private plane from Athens, Levent Sadýk Ahmet demanded of Prime Minister Tsipras action to be taken to apprehend those responsible.
“SUCH AN ATTACK AT THE CRADLE OF DEMOCRACY IS VERY WRONG”Saying that they strongly condemn the attack, Ahmet added that such an attack in Greece, the cradle of democracy, is very wrong. “Such an attack in Greece has surprised me and my family greatly. I think there are two aspects to the attack. First it was against the Friendship Equality and Peace (FEP) party and secondly it is against the family of Dr. Sadýk Ahmet. It is also directed against the Turkish minority in Western Thrace. We have taken care of that car for 20 years as an heirloom. However, last night it was taken away from us by dirty hands. They should not forget that my late father’s blood is still in that car. The event has hurt us much.”
“I BELIEVE PRIME MINISTER TSIPRAS IS SENSITIVE”Calling on Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, Levent Sadýk Ahmet said “Mr Prime Minister; we would like such events to be never repeated in Western Thrace. We expect the Ministry of the Interior to find the culprits, turn them over to Greek justice and to punish them. I believe that the Prime Minister is sensitive about this issue, for I kknow that he condemns such fascist activities at every turn.”
“THIS IS NO WAY TO PROTECT WESTERN THRACE OR GREECE”Saying that he constantly invests in Greece as a businessman, Sadýk Ahmet spoke thus: “I am the owner of a firm and a businessman who constantly contributes to the Greek economy through investment. We are proud of this. We want to invest here. However, if those in charge of security don’t like this, there is nothing more we can do. This is no way to protect Western Thrace or Greece. The way to protect Greece is through investment, through respect for rights and freedoms, law and order.”
“WE WANT BACK THE CAR IN WHICH SADIK AHMET WAS KILLED”Levent Sadýk Ahmet said that they had asked for an appointment with all relevant officials, especially the Security Directorate of Gümülcine (Komotini) added “We want back the car in which Sadýk Ahmet was killed. This is what I ask of the Greek police and Greek officials. Please find Dr. Sadýk Ahmet’s car and return it to us.”Levent Sadýk Ahmet ended his statement by saying “Turkey’s Ambassador to Athens Kerim Uras and Gümülcine Consular General Ali Rýza Akýncý have called us by phone to communicate their regret for which I thank them kindly. I hope that such ugly attacks are never again perpetrated on our minority, the FEP party or the family of Dr. Sadýk Ahmet. We hope to continue to lie in Western Thrace in peace and fraternity.”

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