İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO- Gregory Andrews, Australia’s threatened species commissioner requested native animals to be kept as pets  rather than dogs, rabbits and cats. He argued that by this way extinctions could be prevented and it would be “patriotic” for families to take in animals that define them as a nation.

In an interview, he told “I can’t think of anything more patriotic than choosing to own an Australian animal”. He added “People can pay £1,500-£6,000 ($AUS2,500-$10,000) for a designer poodle. Why not ... pay even 10 per cent of that to own a critically endangered orange-bellied parrot to help conserve that species?”

Australian government allow people to  adopt native birds, reptiles, some amphibians such as budgerigars, snakes and frogs, providing a license but it is largely illegal to keep mammals as kangaroos, wallabies and koalas.

Additionally, animal rights organizations oppose this idea as those animals belong to wild life.

To exemplify: Richard Woodman and his wife Kerstin Schweth who are authorized to rehabilitate injured  animals , own a wombat named Ava, a tiny eastern grey kangaroo named Lily and a kangaroo-like wallaroo named Eric , are strongly against the request. According to an interview published by The Telegraph, Mr. Woodman argued that those animals belong to wild life and Mrs. Schweth said “Native animals belong in the wild, not in a living room. Some are like ADHD (attention-deficit disorder) children. They jump on everything and pee and poop on everything”. Mr. Woodman and Mrs. Schweth said they would bring them to nature back when their rehabilitation period ends.

Obviously, it isnot a logical thing to change the balances of nature. However, what is more interesting that officers reasons to persuade people to do so. This shows how nationalism changes into a stricter thing and spreads

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