The Iraqi Defence Minister Khaled al-Obaidi stated that ISIS leaders fled Mosul with their families after selling their property. According to London based news agency Ahlul Bayt, Obaidi claimed that there a son forth sneak out was the approach of Iraqi forces near Mosul. Obaidi also claims to have information on conflicts within ISIS because of financial issues and followed by these conflicts, the leaders are believed to be moving towards Syria and the Kurdish region in Iraq.After the fall of Mosul in June 2014, Obaidi has claimed the year 2016 to be the period that Mosul and the rest of Iraq to be freed from ISIS. Following the success full military operations done by Iraqi forces, Tikrit in April 2015, Ramadi in December 2015 and Falluja in June 2016 was success fully liberated from ISIS. Losing half of the lands it occupied in Iraq, ISIS suffered significant financial damage since it also lost the control of the oil in the area.According to their port by CNN International, Iraq was training forces with the aid of US and UK since March 2016 to take back Mosul from ISIS. Neighbouring Iran also expressed its willingness to support Iraq. On the other hand, Obaidi also expressed the state’s concerns on civilian casualties and forced displacements following the operations. As reported by Reuters, Obaidi stated the expectation for at least 500.000 people’s for ceddis placement in addition to the already existing 2 million. United Nations and Red Cross suggested that they expect a much higher level of displacement in the region. Needless to say, the liberation of Mosul from ISIS, which is this cod largest city in Iraq and the largest city under the control of ISIS, is going to have favourable out comes for the stabilization of Iraq, while the power loss that ISIS is going to suffer, the casualties due to the counter attacks ISIS might practice is still unknown. Öykü Deniz Aytemiz

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