Mustafa AY – TDO – 01.03.2018 On Wednesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov took place in UN Conference on Disarmament in Swiss Geneva. Lavrov addressed the conference and claimed that USA commenced nuclear training program covering how to use the nuclear weapons, to its EU allies. Towards the conference attendees, “USA apparently breaches Nuclear Non-proliferation Convention by initiating nuclear training program in an irresponsible and agitating manner” said Lavrov then. Lastly, Lavrov put forward an interesting allegation suggesting “USA is preparing its European allies to a nuclear war against Russia.”

Recently, the US President Donald Trump has stated that USA has to revise its nuclear program because Russia, China and N. Korea pose imminent threat to the existence of USA. That’s why, USA has to put its nuclear weapons through a modernization program, said Trump. Afterwards, Trump attributed its statements about the modernization program to a ‘world of unpredictable. So, he targeted Russia, China and most importantly N. Korea with his words. Recently, USA has embarked on an upgrading program for its B61 nuclear bombs, which USA stored its 200 of them to its NATO allies –Turkey, Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Belgium- within NATO Nuclear Sharing Program in the past, and still in those countries.

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