Romania, which is the country that has taken the most successful steps against corruption in its region, intends to keep up its struggle with corruption.Compared to Bulgaria, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine, Romania’s greatest asset is Laura Kovesi. Romanian President Klaus Iohannis is the greatest supporter of Chief Prosecutor Laura Kovesi of the Directorate for Combating Corruption. Iohannis has shown his support for Kovesi by extending her term in office until 2019. Kovesi has carried out important work in Romania, which has experienced a lot of problems with corruption. Until the present, more than 10 thousand cases have been taken to court. The majority of corruption cases are made up by charges of bribery.Chief Prosecutor Laura Kovesi was responsible for the incarceration of many, including a former prime minister, members of parliament and local government office holders and she enjoys support not just nationally but also at the international level. The EU and the USA have named Romania a pilot country for combating corruption and have made a new warrior-saint, a Jean d’Arc out of Kovesi. News Centre

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