News Centre – TDO – Latvia’s Ambassador to Turkey Peteris Karlis Elferts and his spouse have hosted a reception to mark the anniversary of the Republic of Latvia’s declaration of independence.

The reception was attended by Deputy Minister for Trade Fırat Yeltekin, ambassadors and other select guests.

Following the playing of the national anthems of the two countries, the reception began with a speech by Ambassador Peteris Karlis Elferts. The ambassador said that they were celebrating the centenary of the independence of Latvia and the end of the First World War and added that Latvia had been founded as an independent country on the ruins of WWI. Ambassador Elferts said that their ancestors had fought for their independence and laid down their lives during WWI.  “Latvia gained its independence as a mother fighting for her children, family and friends. The Latvian people displayed great perseverance. Latvia is now a member of the European Union and NATO. We have a perfect affinity between our people and our history. We are slowly sharing our culture with the rest of the world through architecture, films, art exhibitions and Baltic concerts.

Today we have a special treat for you. I would like to thank the chefs who prepared the traditional Latvian drink of birch juice and Turkish Airlines, which brought them here.

The celebration of the centenary is even more significant given the developing bilateral diplomatic and trade relations between Turkey and Latvia.”

In his speech, Fırat Yeltekin said “On behalf of myself and my government I salute all present and I would like to congratulate the Latvian people on the centenary of their independence. As the ambassador also said, we will continue working for peace and stability in the world. There is a very strong historical relationship between Turkey and Latvia and we cooperate strongly in every field. We would like to thank Latvia for supporting Turkey at every step of its EU process. We cooperate under NATO. The volume of trade between the countries is following a rising trend and it is balanced for both countries. I would like to end my words by hoping for peace and stability around the world on the occasion of this centenary, saluting you all and congratulating the Latvian people on their national day.

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