Serhat TUNAR -TDO- British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has unveiled his party's election manifesto ahead of the December 12 early elections. Regarded as the far-left programme seen by a generation in the party, the manifesto says taxes will be significantly increased.

Corbyn announced that the rich and environmentally polluting companies would pay high taxes, while he announced that if they came to power there would be a 5 per cent hike in salaries in the public sector and an hourly wage in the private sector would not be less than £ 10.

In the country, where the average public salary is £ 1,643, Corbyn also said there would be hikes in the rate of inflation and surplus during the year.

One of the parts noted in the 105-page manifesto was the goal of generating £ 83 billion in tax revenue in addition to annual revenue. Additional taxes will be levied on financial transactions and those with incomes above £ 80k a year, Corbyn said, adding that he would also increase corporation tax, cut 200 per cent more tax on those who buy their second home, remove reductions in inheritance tax and apply Value Added Tax to private schools.

Mr Corbyn said he would negotiate a new deal by extension for Brexit, the main issue of the election and the main reason for early elections, and said the public would choose between the final version of the deal and staying in the European Union.

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