Ayberk Eryılmaz- TDO- 15.07.2017- Coalition forces held a meeting in which 72 states participated at Washington after ISIL was purged from Mosul last week. Brett McGurk who serves as Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to ISIS, spoke at meeting it is possible to rebuild inner and long lasting peace in Iraq. He pointed out approximately two million peoples came back to the places cleaned from ISIL in Iraq. According to him, the fundamental way of reaching long lasting peace is not only consisting of negotiations between Shiah and Sunni.

Besides, he criticized the independent plebiscite done by Kurdish Regional Government because the recent conjecture is not convenient for independent Kurdish state. In other words, there is a need of Kurdish Peshmerga to fighting against ISIL. That means that ISIL has not been beaten completely so this referendum is unseasonable.  In especial, he remarked that fighting against ISIL in Syria more troublesome than fighting Iraq.

Apart from these, He alleged that US government hopeful about ceasefire taking place in southern west of Syria. The ceasefire was envisioned between US, Jordan and Russia. He added that US government is ready for making contribution to Russian government with regard the surveillance of ceasefire. It is apparent that Russia is adamant on the aspect of ceasefire. However, he also highlights the consultations about the regional matters and the aspect of ceasefire have not become an end. With the aid of this ceasefire, war on terror containing the ISIL might be conducted efficiently.  


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