İlknur Şebnem Öztemel-TDO- Abdul Karim Saroukhan, head of the biggest of three Kurdish administrations in northern Syria, told to Reuters that they seek to end siege in the region. Also, he warned Turkey as marching on Kurdish lands may cause a new war in the region.

Saroukhan said they were ready to negotiate with each authority in the regionin economic issues.He said "Our expectations are that we can reach understandings with everyone in the other provinces ".He highlighted the need for more production in the region and  said "The opening of a corridor between us and Aleppo will have a great positive impact ". He added  "It is like an artery that will feed part of the Syrian body ".

Recently, Syrian regime advanced in rural areas in eastern Aleppo and had some confrontation with YPG. When asked about whether there were economic contacts with the Damascus over trade, he replied there were none and such talk was premature. However, he mentioned the prospect of  private commercial relations with Aleppo, Homs and some other government-held cities.

Northeastern Syria has a very fertile soil to have even surplus of agricultural production. Additionally, the field is oil rich. Saroukhan said  they were looking for exits, ways, and crossings to reach other parts of the country. He highlighted that the land was the oil resource that ‘’supplied Syria for 65 years" and said they might cooperate in this regard. Moreover, he underlined that  while the oil was under YPG protection, it was a national resource whose status should be determined in a final settlement to the Syria crisis.

Furthermore, Saroukhan touched on Turkey’s justpolicy over Syria and said "If Turkey continues in this way, in this vein, it will be the start of a new war in Syria, in the North", defiantly. In addition to this he asserted that while the Kurdish-led administration wanted to deal with Turkey as a neighbor, Ankara was making threats and ‘’occupying’’ Syrian land. He concluded his words by saying YPG and their allies want to deepen their autonomy over the region but do not have an intention for independence.

The region is bordered to the north by Turkey and to the east by the Kurdish government of northern Iraq. Meanwhile, Deash controls areas to the south. In August 2016, Turkey started Euphrates Shield Operation, together with the Free Syrian Army, Syrian-Arab opponents of Assad regimeas Kurdish and Deash militants were threatening its security and liberated several cities from them.

Well, it is considered as ‘’legal’’ and ‘’appropriate’’ to international law and cause ‘’no threat’’ for others in the region when a Western power bombs a soil thousands of kilometers far from its mainland  as they have ‘’alleged’’ threats there but it led controversies when Turkey try to liberate its border from terrorists. It is significant to remind that Turkey is struggling with terrorists for about forty years, thousands of soldiers and civilians lost their lives and government had to spend billions for it. There is nothing like that. Although, there are various organizations, rules, norms and diplomatic measures for providing order to the system unfortunately,’’ they don’t really care about us’’. We should never forget what happened, remind it, tell it to everyone and work for a fair life.

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