Mustafa AY – TDO – 20.10.2017 Following the bloodshed conflict currently erupted in N. Iraq, KRG has seemingly decided on pulling back from its policy of armed struggle against Baghdad. So, Barzani altered its approach towards Baghdad by making ‘U’ turn in his previous threatening utters, which was understood to be useless against Iraqi central government, and rotated his independence-based policy to ‘consensus-based’ policy (at least Barzani has to do so).

If Barzani’s threatening approach had worked, Peshmerga wouldn’t have retreat from Kirkuk. On the one side, Barzani’s foreign supporters’ confidence over KRG was undermined, likewise in Berlin’s recent decision on withdrawing from KRG. On the other side, lost oil fields of KRG – literally the heart of KRG’s economy- will likely create a social frustration which may lead Kurdish society and other groups in the region to gradually replace their independence dreams with solidarity of Iraq. Thus, Barzani seems to be obliged to call for nice diplomatic talks with Baghdad. 

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