Mustafa AY – TDO – 25.09.2017 Mesout Barzani, the leader of KRG in Iraq, opted for stubbornly proceeding with referendum in September 25, even though regional forces of Middle East -Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia- have taken a firm position against the referendum. Besides Iraqi central government, especially, Turkey and Iran emphasized the gravity and seriousness of the referendum which threatens the national interests of those two countries, by intensifying the crackdowns on the borders. That’s why, owing to Israel’s official statements recognizing KRG’s referendum, these two regional forces –Turkey and Iran- assess Israel’s intriguing attitude toward KRG’s referendum as that KRG will play its role as outpost of Israel and will become the tool for political maneuvers to be used by Israel in prospective crisis against both countries.

Turkey raised its military maneuvers in Habur border gate with the aim of giving ultimatum against KRG. Despite this military moves, Turkey keeps maintaining the commercial flow in the border. When it comes to Iran, it closed off its airspace to the flights coming from Sulaimaniya and Erbil. Decision on airspace off to KRG by Iran might most probably trigger economic damages stemming from the disruption of KRG-origin businessmen whose jobs are in Iran. Against all the deterrent moves from Turkey and Iran, KRG leader Mesout Barzani implied that strict attitude of Iran against themselves is unnecessary. He specifically uttered “nobody can stand against referendum!”. In addition to all, in case of that referendum will be voted, Iran showed its intention by bombarding hilly areas of Erbil from now.       

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