News Centre –TDO - Dong Woo Choi, Cultural Undersecretary at South Korea’s Embassy in Ankara has hosted the opening of a graphic design exhibition at the Korean Cultural Centre.

The event was attended by Professor Byoungil Sun of the Image Design Department of Namseoul University and his students Mijung Lee and Sujin Yun who travelled to Ankara for the occasion, as well as Second Secretary Uday A. Khamas of the Iraqi Embassy and many other guests.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Byoungil Sun said: “Hello. Do you know about the film Ayla?

“This movie, which is a Korean and Turkish co-production, recently began to be shown in Korea. This is an emotional but true tale about the background of the Korean War.

“I am very happy to have opened an exhibition in Turkey, the country of Uncle Süleyman which I always wanted to visit, on the 61st anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and Turkey.

“Just like these emotions imparted by Uncle Süleyman who has passed away, I would hope to attract your attention, even if a little, with my work.

“We wanted to promote the poster culture of Korea with this exhibition. Although it is not all what we wanted due to circumstances, we were determined to do the best we could and here we are. I will remember this day as being much more important than many others.”

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