News Centre – TDO – Cultural Undersecretary Dong Woo Choi of South Korea’s Embassy in Ankara has hosted a Korean Food Cooking Competition at the Open Air Auditorium of the Korean Cultural Centre.

The event was attended by Director of the Korean Cultural Centre and Embassy Undersecretary Dong Woo Cho, embassy personnel and fans of Korean culture.

At the Korean Food Cooking Competition held at the Korean Cultural Centre, Turkish competitors put their skills in Korean cuisine on display.

12 people who were cleared by experts in the first round competed to cook the best rice and three side dishes. At the competition in which Turkish ingredients were also used, Korean food was shaped by Turkish hands.

In his speech, Director Cho of the Korean Cultural Centre said that the competition was supported by the Korean Ministry of Agriculture and added “The number of competitors increases every year. We are very happy about this.”

Cho said that the winner of the competition would get to travel to South Korea to learn more about Korean cuisine and stated “Korean food is very healthy. From this perspective, we hope to introduce our cuisine to more Turkish people.”

Cho said that the practice of using yeast is something very similar in Turkish and Korean cooking.

Master Chef Deniz Orhun, who was a judge at the competition pointed out the requirement that competitors had to be citizens of Turkey and said “Relations between countries can sometimes advance more rapidly and become stronger through culinary science and culture. This can sometimes outpace the actions of states.”

Upon the scoring of the members of the jury on performance and dishes, competitor Mesut Mehmet Demirel came in first place, Elveda Yener second and Şeyda Yayla third. Demirel will get to compete at the international competition to be held in South Korea in September.

After the competition, the audience was offered some Kimbap, a Korean dish.

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