News Centre – TDO- South Korean Ambassador to Turkey Choi Hong-Ghi has hosted an activity to mark the seventh anniversary of the opening of the Korean Cultural Centre in Ankara. 

The event was attended by Ambassador Choi, as well as many people with an interest in Korean culture.

In his speech, Ambassador Choi said that the Korean Cultural Centre had been inaugurated on October 13th 2011, in order to increase cultural traffic between Korea and Turkey.

Ambassador Choi said that the centre runs activities for those interested in Korean culture not just in Ankara but throughout Turkey and added “The Korean Cultural Centre contributes greatly to the promotion of Korean culture and increasing the friendship between the two countries.”

Ambassador Choi also said that recently the centre has been receiving an average of 4,000 visitors per month and remarked “I think this high level of interest in Korean culture is due to the historical ties and cultural similarities between the two countries, as well as shared thought and emotions. I hope the interest and fondness continues at all times.

Ambassador Choi underlined that close relations have been formed between Turkey and Korea not just in the field of culture but also politics and the economy and said that the perception of fraternity between the two nations was the driving force behind the development of bilateral ties.

Following the ambassador’s speech, a cake that was inscribed “7th Anniversary of the Opening of Korean Cultural Centre” was cut.

The event continued with a showcase of calligraphy by artists and students of the field and Korean dance and martial arts shows.

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