News Center -TDO- Hosted by Dongwoo Cho, Director of the Korean Cultural Center, the 1st GILGGOT group exhibition featuring the works of calligraphy and Far East painting course students was opened at the Korean Cultural Center.

Numerous art lovers attended the opening.

"This calligraphy exhibition is very important and meaningful for us, and I know very well that these works have been prepared with great effort and effort,” Dongwoo Cho stated.

Korean Cultural Center Calligraphy instructor Ae Hee Kang said: "I would like to thank the owners of the works who worked non-stop for the 1st GILGGOT group exhibition today and everyone who was here today to support us while they were busy.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to Dong Woo Cho, Director of the Korean Cultural Center, who has never withheld his help to bring us to such a happy day. I would also like to thank Mr. Emin, who was always very thoughtful in the preparation process and helped us.

The general concept of today's exhibition is not to focus on creative techniques or subjects, but rather on four elegant plants (cherry blossom, Orchid, chrysanthemum and bamboo), the basic material of the calligraphy work, each of us choosing one and combining more basic techniques with skill to express it as works.

Moreover, we promised to express the main idea by writing a poem in the original form, the first form of Korean calligraphy, in which we wrote what we felt after drawing a picture.

The purpose of setting these rules is to deepen the skills we have learned so far and to make them a driving force for our future creative activities and to use them to develop more. Although the composition of the works is simple, I think it is a good opportunity for our artists to practice on the basics.

It will not be easy for the flowers of calligraphy to bloom more vividly in the future, but I wish that you continue to encourage each other without giving up and successfully become the GILGGOT group, The Pride of the Korean Cultural Center Calligraphy class. Thank you very much.”

The students who successfully completed the calligraphy and Far Eastern painting course were awarded their certificates.

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