News Centre –TDO- Ambassador of the Republic of Korea Yunsoo CHO and his wife Nami HONG gave a reception at the Panora shopping center for the film 'Ayla', which tells the story of a Turkish soldier and a Korean orphan who participated in the Korean War.

The movie "Ayla", an Oscar nominee of Turkey and inspired by the true story of the latecomer Süleyman Dilbirliği in the Korean War, was screened by hundreds of people along with actors and directors.

The 60th anniversary of the friendship between Turkey and South Korea was supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Embassy of South Korea in the Panora shopping center. In the opening ceremony, the Non-commissioned Officer Süleyman Dilşim, a Turkish brigade participating in the Korean War in 1950, invited a Korean girl, The film "Ayla", described by the filmmakers and the director, along with Cho Yun-soo, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to the Republic of Korea, was watched by bureaucrats, Korean politicians, embassy members and hundreds of people alike.

Ayla filmmakers came together with Korean veterans, killing the veterans' hands. The Korean gazettes gave the players various gifts.

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