Mustafa AY – TDO – 15.10.2017 Iraq’s controversial city Kirkuk will seemingly be turned into the site of armed conflict by both Kurdish Peshmerge forces and Iraqi Shia group Hashdi Shabi. Following KRG independence referendum, Kurdish regional govt. claimed Iraq’s most precious area – Kirkuk – in terms of its oil reserves. This situation frustrated Iraqi govt. because once Kurds claim region, Iraq loses its main income. That’s why, Iraq’s step against KRG is valid to be considered.

Iraqi air forces conduct low altitude flights over Kirkuk so that their intention can be evident to clouded minds of KRG officials, who tried to apply ‘politique de faite accomplie’. Meaning that, they claimed the right of ruling Kirkuk without taking permission from or at least negotiating with Iraqi govt. for the region’s fate. That’s why, Iraq is not going to give KRG way to rule the valuable region by its own. Iraqi govt. has already mobilized its armed forces and militia groups indirectly. Hashbi Shabi that is the biggest Shia-based militia group in Iraq moved to Kirkuk. According to Anatolia Agency’s news interview with a Peshmerge, they are too close to Hashbi Shabi units like 10 meters away from their frontline. So, these words show the gravity of the situation in Kirkuk. If any possible war erupts in Kirkuk, there is no doubt that the war is going to spread over all Northern and Center Iraq.   

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