Hassam Hameed-TDO-05.03.2018- After more than a decade, senior delegation from South Korea traveled to North Korea this Monday. Delegation is set to meet Kim Jong-un, which would be first time ever since he has held the office. Main agenda of this travel would be to push talk between North Korea and Washington.

 South Korean envoy includes intelligence chief Suh Hoon and National Security adviser Chung Eui-yong. South's President Moon Jae-in spokesperson said "It was agreed... that they would attend a meeting and dinner with Kim Jong Un". It is first ministerial level visit from South to Pyongyang since 2007.

Mr Chung said "I plan to hold in-depth discussions on various ways to continue talks between not only the South and the North, but also the North and the United States". US is rejecting to hold any dialogue with Pyongyang until it abandons its nuclear missile programme and has imposed toughest sanctions ever on North as of last month.

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