İrem UZUN -TDO- North Korean leader Kim Jong Un told his ruling party to get ready for a typhoon that could deal another blow to the country’s already damaged agricultural sector. He also reiterated his calls for cadres to step up their work to prevent a spread of the coronavirus into the country.

Kim said at a meeting of the Workers’ Party that thorough state emergency measures were needed to prevent casualties and minimize crop damage, the official Korea Central News Agency reported Wednesday. He called it “important work which can never be neglected even for a moment for our Party bearing the responsibility for the destiny of the people”.

North Korea has not reported any confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus, but Kim said last month that the virus “could be said to have entered” the country and imposed a lockdown after a man was reported to have symptoms. Later test results on the man were inconclusive, according to the World Health Organization.

Powerful Typhoon Bavi, packing torrential rains and maximum sustained winds of about 176 kilometers per hour as of Wednesday, is bearing down on the Korean Peninsula. It is expected to make landfall in North Korea’s Hwanghae provinces on Thursday, South’s Korea Meteorological Administration said. The typhoon will likely cause even more damage to North Korea’s fragile agricultural sector, increasing food insecurity in a country where the United Nations World Food Program says about 40% of the population is undernourished.

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