Selin ATAY-TDO- North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has apologized to South Korea for the killing of an official from the South Korean Ministry.

South Korea's Defense Ministry said the official, who was said to have tried to cross into the North by swimming, was killed by North Korean soldiers on Monday and his body was burned as a precaution against coronavirus (Covid-19).

Kim Jong-un sent a letter to President Moon Jae-in, saying he was "very sorry," according to the South Korean presidency's statement today.

The head of state due to an unexpected unfortunate incident, he expressed that he was" very sorry for the disappointment of Moon Jae In and the citizens who were affected." North Korean leader said in a letter sent by him.

Korean leader reportedly told South Korean leader Moon Jae-in that the "disgraceful affair" should not have happened.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un also said that they will inform the results of the investigation into the incident with South Korea.

North Korea also said 10 shots were fired at a South Korean official who was in North Korean waters under rules of engagement. The North Korean leader noted that the boat carrying him was burned, not his body, as South Korea claimed.

South Korea's Defense Ministry had asked North Korea for an explanation for this unfortunate incident, which it called a" tyrannical act." The South Korean military, on the other hand, harshly condemned this" brutal act " and demanded that those responsible be punished.

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