İlknur Şebnem ÖZTEMEL – TDO – Kim Jong-un hinted that Pyongyang might be about totest a new   intercontinental ballistic missile. At his annual new year address, he told his citizens that the test will follow what he claims was a successful H-bomb test in 2016.  In the address he threatened US as to boost his country's military capabilities further unless they give an end to war games with rival South Korea. Nevertheless, he addedthat he tries to defuse the possibility of another Korean war and underlined the importance of re-building the economy under the five-year plan announced in May.

He did not say anything about the date of the test but it is expected to be in next week which is the anniversary of a successful nuclear missile test and Kim Jong-Un‘s birthday.

It was Kim Jong Un’s fifth year in presidency, after his father’s death in 2011.  Under his leadership, North Korea achieved several missile programs including two nuclear missile tests in last year. It has been revealed that North Korea achieved some developments in its goal of intercontinental missiles which would make them able to hit USA.

United Nations made several attempts to stop North Korea’s nuclear program but Kim Jong-un declared there will be no change in his policy unless Washington takes the first step.

In 2016, the relation between USA and North Korea was problematic under Obama rule. Almost nothing has been succeeded. No consent had been happened. It is expected to be impossible in 2017, as Donald Trump takes the Office, because his speeches during election campaigns were very strict against Asian states.

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