Selin ATAY-TDO- Khadija Cengiz, the fiancée of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, described Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Selman's remarks about responsibility for the murder as "a political ploy."

Prince Selman had said in a statement about a year after the Khashoggi murder that he claimed full responsibility for the murder but had not personally ordered the murder.

According to Hatice Cengiz, Saudi Crown Prince Selman’s remarks about reasonability for the murder "it sounded to me like a political ploy. I perceived it as a move to reduce the current pressure. He's trying to create a perception that he's the real ruler of the country. He's the crown prince, not the King. It also says I didn't know. It feels like by taking responsibility he is trying to avoid responsibility."

Cengiz stated that the media had put the murder on the agenda, but she complained that countries were unresponsive. “As for me the United Nations report is encouraging. It also rattled world public opinion. However, no country has taken a step based on this report. This is a very serious disappointment to me.” She said.

According to Cengiz, the fact that the United States has not taken steps is also instrumental in the international community's failure to reach a compromise on the Khashoggi murder. "if a different reaction had come from the US, we could have heard more voices from European countries. European countries also did not want to step forward too much as the US did not take a stand on the issue" she said.

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