News Center -TDO- A roundtable meeting themed "Educator of the Century Ahmet Baytursinoglu" was hosted by Yerkebulan Sapiyev, Ambassador of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Ankara, on the occasion of the 150th birthday of Kazakh writer and poet Ahmet Baytursinoglu.

The event, organized by the Embassy of Kazakhstan, the International Organization of Turkic Culture (TÜRKSOY), Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University and the Kazakhstan Student Union, was attended by Ambassador Sapiyev, as well as President of the Eurasian Writers Union. Yakup Ömeroğlu, Ankara Hacı Bayram University faculty member Hülya Kasapoğlu Çengel, Ankara Hacı Bayram University faculty member Güljanat Ercilasun, Ankara Hacı Bayram University Research Assistant Yeldos Toktarbay and guests attended.

Ambassador Yerkebulan Sapiyev, who made the opening speech of the event, said that Baytursinoglu was one of the symbols of the Alash Movement, Kazakhstan's long-lasting independence struggle.

Ambassador Sapiyev said, "The Alash Movement has been an integral part of the struggle for freedom and independence against the oppression and tyranny that emerged in every corner of the Turkish World at the beginning of the 20th century. One of the leaders of this movement is Baytursınoğlu." said.

Stating that the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Kazakhstan is celebrated, Ambassador Sapiyev said, "As two sister countries, we celebrate this anniversary with enthusiasm. We continue to work with non-governmental organizations in Turkey in every sense, from literature to music, from theater to cultural festivals, in order to improve our civil relations." said.

President of the Eurasian Writers Union, Dr. Yakup Ömeroğlu, in his speech here, said that Ahmet Baytursinoğlu is an educator, linguist, writer, poet and one of the important politicians of the Alash Movement.

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