News Center -TDO- Book launch event of the Turkish edition of those Külaş Ahmatova’s "Plea to the Creator", Akuştap Lookgereyeva's "Mother's Secret", Marfuga Aythoja's "Stamps on Stone", ​which hosted by Kazakhstan's Ambassador to Ankara H.E. Abzal Saparbekuly,   held at the Kazakhstan Embassy in Ankara.

Ambassador Abzal Saparbekuly, ILESAM President Mehmet Nuri Parmaksiz, Ashur Özdemiz, who translated the books, attended to the event.

Speaking at the event, Ambassador Saparbekuly said: "First of all, I want to welcome you all with love, respect.  Welcome to the program, which organized for the promotion of books transferred to Turkish. In terms of international relations, literary relations between countries are always a priority. Because literature is the most important tool for people to get to know each other deeply. Especially when these countries have a common history and cultural roots, the importance of literature increases even more."

The event ended after the treats.

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