News Center-TDO- The conference on the “Rise of Kashmir Conflict and the International Society “, organized by the Embassy of Pakistan and the Institute of Strategic Thinking was held at the Conference Hall of the Institute of Strategic Thinking.

Pakistani Ambassador to Turkey Muhammad Syrus Sajjad Qazi, Azad Jammu Kashmir President Sardar Mossod Khan and many other guests attended to the conference.

Azad Jammu Kashmir President Sardar Mossod Khan said in his speech, "I know that you are all aware of the Kashmir conflict. Firstly, the Kashmir problem is an international issue for me. It is an international issue because it has been a problem in Kashmir between India and Pakistan. Kashmir did not want this effect, but some of the people supported India. Kashmir is currently divided into two parts. Some of them are under the auspices of India, and some are under government. The UN has already given the task of self-government to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. After this right was granted, India demanded a referendum, which the Indian government promised to cooperate but did not keep these promises, and after a while, the Indian soldiers killed 500 thousand people, raped our women, and blinded 6,000 people as a result of torture India has slandered us by saying that the people of Kashmir are armed, but the people of Kashmir are unarmed.”

Khan said that the problem was raised in international media on the nuclear armament of India and Pakistan and added, "There are many problems between India and Pakistan. The Pakistani government wants to solve these problems, while India aims to bring this down. Pakistan has, over time, moved the issue to the international arena. India once again accused Pakistan of supporting terrorism, which is called a direct lie, because Western countries have stopped dealing with the Kashmir incident because of the misunderstanding of India in the recent past, and if the dispute is not resolved, the fragility in South Asia will continue. If there is interaction, refugees will flee across the globe. 2.5 billion people will be exposed to radiation in such a nuclear attack. Climates will be broken. These are told by scientists. I want everyone to work for Kashmir's problem. "

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