Hassam Hameed-TDO-14.12.2017- Doug Jones to become the first Democrat in 25 years to win a seat from US state of Alabama. This stunning victory after bitter election campaign had civil rights champion ‘Jones’ take office in January, which is considered to be a political blow to President Donald Trump. Mr. Jones won by getting 49.9% of the vote whereas Mr. Moore got 48.4% of the vote.

This win has narrowed down the Republican majority in the senate to 51-49, with the possible threat looming for Republicans. That is Democrats might take the chamber in next year's election. Although the interim senator, Luther Strange, would remain in office until January, hence party can still pass its tax-cut bills and vote for year-end budget resolution.

Stock features, Treasury yields and dollar plunged as Jones success could endanger Trump’s policy.

Mr. Jones is a believer of climate change and abortion rights.He earned reputation by successfully prosecuting Ku Klux Klan members, for the dynamite attack in a black church in 1963 which had 4 girls dead. Whereas Mr. Roy Moore a conservative Christian has been accused of preying teenage girls when he was in his 30’s. Allegations which he totally denies. Even his party member were reluctant support him during the campaign.

"A win is a win," Trump said on Twitter. Mr. Moore although has refused to acknowledge saying "it's not over", considering the possibility of recount.  

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