Selin ATAY-TDO- British Prime Minister Boris Johnson chose not to attend press conference with his counterpart in Luxembourg to avoid anti-Brexit protesters.

The British government source said officials requested an indoor location for the post-meeting media briefing in order to avoid the chants of protesters. Bettel went ahead with the joint press conference anyway, and officials did not remove Johnson's podium.

Brexit was not the choice of the EU but that of the UK's Conservative government, Bettel said. "You can't hold our future hostage for party political gains," he said, adding: "I repeat this Brexit is not my choice."

"He holds the future of all UK citizens," said Luxembourg Prime Minister Bettel, gesturing at the empty podium by his side. "It's his responsibility. Your people, our people count on you."

PM Bettel stated that he did not wish Britain to leave EU any later date than 31 October because Europeancitizens now want “intelligibleness”. In addition to that he said the Brexit process had turned into a "nightmare".

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