Selin ATAY-TDO-When the suspension of Parliament was declared as ‘unlawful’, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who strongly opposed the decision, stated that although he acknowledged convention of parliament, Britain would exit the European Union on October 31

The British High Court ruled that “Boris Johnson’s pre-Brexit suspension of Parliament unlawful. There is no provision. Since it is invalid, Parliament can convene again" after the announcement, the first reaction to the decision came from Boris Johnson.

Explaining that he strongly disagreed, yet respected the decision, Prime Minister Johnson acknowledged that Parliament would reconvene. Johnson, who criticized Britain's Supreme Court for saying "they made an unusual decision, I think it's not the right decision” stated that “The concession to vacate parliament has been implemented for centuries without such a challenge. There are a lot of people who basically want to stop this country’s exit from the European Union. We have a parliament that cannot be vacated and does not want elections. Now it's time to step things up."

Johnson, who insisted Brexit would take place on October 31 within the law, "Whatever the current law, Britain will leave the EU on October 31st. The exciting part for us now is getting a good deal. We also we're working on that. And to be honest, the things that Parliament and the courts have done have not made it any easier." He said.

Prime Minister Johnson's holiday request to the House of Commons was accepted by Queen 2. Elizabeth as a tradition. But the House of Commons, which has been on holiday for 2 weeks, will reconvene at 11.30 am tomorrow following the decision of the British Supreme Court.

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