News Center-TDO- A jazz concert was held in the German Embassy's garden hosted by Germany's Ambassador to Turkey Jürgen Schultz and his wife, Mrs Stanton.

Many distinguished guests attended the concert.

Ambassador Schultz, who made the opening speech, thanked the guests for coming and said:

"I am thrilled to see you among us on the occasion of an exceptional concert in the garden of the German Embassy. The motto for tonight is 'All Over Again'.

This will be the first concert to bring us together after a long period of closures due to COVID-19, extensive restrictions on culture and art events, and challenges for artists.

That's why we're happy to celebrate this new beginning with a jazz concert. Jazz is an exceptional style of music for me. Jazz brings together musicians from very different musical backgrounds who can still play together. The most unusual combinations often lead to golden results.

I would like to thank Mr Erhan Yalçın for his support and excellent cooperation, and I would like to introduce the musicians:

Gökhan Över on contrabass, Ali Erol on saxophone, Hazan Keser on drums, Yunus Muti and Umut Er on guitar, Meriç Yavaş and Terry Jones on vocals

What could be more beautiful than a journey that takes us from classical jazz to Latin jazz and swing on a lovely summer evening?"

The night ended with the concert of the musicians.

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