News Centre –TDO- Japan's Ambassador to Turkey Akio Miyajima has hosted a publicity event at the Ankara Hilton Hotel to mark the end of the Japanese Festival Autumn 2018, that had been ongoing since October 7th.

The event was attended by Minister for Culture and Tourism Mehmet Ersoy, many diplomats, heads of foreign missions and other guests.

Japanese Ambassador Miyajima said that they had organised many events as part of the Japanese Festival and that approximately 10,000 people had attended the events.

Announcing that Japanese cultural activities would continue, Miyajima said "I believe that culture is a major force for bringing people together, beyond good food and art.".

Ambassador Miyajima said that the next Emperor of Japan will ascend to the throne next year. Stating that in June, his country will host the G-20 Leaders' Summit, the Japanese ambassador said " Therefore, we expect President Erdogan to visit Japan twice next year."

Stating that the friendship between Turkey and Japan is eternal, Ambassador Miyajima said "Turkey and Japan are two states with one heart."

In his speech, Minister Ersoy expressed pleasure at Japan lowering its security warning level for Turkey from 1 to 0 and said "There has been a 90 per cent increase in the number of Japanese tourists visiting Turkey this year. With such an increase every year, we will soon reach the pre-crisis 2014 level, and even better."

Ersoy said that 2019 will be celebrated as Turkey Year in Japan and added that the two countries have very well-rooted cultural ties and close friendship and that they would enhance the perception of Turkey in Japan by undertaking social and cultural work there.

Minister Ersoy said that the Year of Turkey in Japan in 2019 would be taken as an opportunity. He said "As part of the activities planned an exhibition of items from the Topkapı Museum will be exhibited both in Tokyo and in Kyoto."

Ersoy said that Japanese teams had carried out a successful excavation in the Kaman district of Kırşehir and thanked officials for providing jobs and training to local people.

As part of Japanese Cuisine Days, the traditional Japanese dish washoku, which is categorised as an intangible cultural heritage item by UNESCO, was served at the event.


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