News Centre –TDO- Japan’s Ambassador to Ankara Akio Miyajima has hosted a reception at the Turkish-Japanese Foundation Culture Centre to mark the Japanese Autumn Festival 2018.

The reception was attended by the Minister for Culture and Tourism Mehmet Ersoy, Turkish-Japanese Foundation President Tayyar Sadıklar and many other guests.

Speaking at the opening of the festival Ambassador Akio Miyajima said that he had arrived in Turkey a year ago and added “I was very impressed by the interest the Turkish people show in Japan. I have been to many cities in Turkey. I have grown fond of Turkey and its delicious food. I gained four kilos here.”

Ambassador Miyajima said that the logo for the Japan Festival was the work Infinity by leading Japanese woman calligraphy artist Sisyu and stated “I interpret this logo as representing the friendship between the peoples of Turkey and Japan stretching out to infinity and as showing the infinite potential of our youth who carry the future of our countries on their shoulders.”

Ambassador Miyajima said that Japanese drum concerts and cultural events would be carried out as part of the festival and added “I hope that Turks and the Japanese are brought closer from the heart, that mutual interaction in tourism and trade is developed through culture and the arts and that the friendship between the peoples of the two countries lasts for eternity. Although Turkey and Japan may be far away, they are ‘two nations, one heart’.”

Minister Ersoy said he was pleased to have attended the opening ceremony for the festival and stated “Turkey and Japan have a long history of friendship that is not just in the words but in essence. The similarity in traditions, the patriarchal social structure and especially membership of the same lingual family show that the two societies have enjoyed close relations that go back centuries.”

Pointing out that Turkish-Japanese ties have long history, Ersoy said “With the activities we will carry put in the beautiful geography of Japan as part of the year of Turkey 2019 and with the unifying touch of culture and the arts, I believe our friendship will grow stronger.”

Minister Ersoy and Ambassador Miyajima then toured the painting exhibition on the theme of Ties of the Heart, Bridge of Friendship: Turkish-Japanese Friendship.  

The reception continued with a concert by the traditional Japanese drum taiko group Masa-Daiko.


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