Selin ATAY-TDO- Japan will give free coronavirus vaccines to all of its residents. The bill, that says the government will cover all vaccine costs for Japan's 126 million residents, was approved by the upper house of parliament, having cleared the powerful lower house.

A bill to amend the existing law, which includes immunity and quarantine legislation, was unanimously approved. In accordance with this bill, vaccination will be implemented by local authorities, and all costs for public vaccination will be covered by the Japanese government.

If the vaccine against the coronavirus leads to health problems, again, the Japanese government will bear the cost of the public's treatment. Compensation payments by vaccine manufacturers for possible damages will also be provided by the state. The vaccine and the refrigerants where the vaccine will be stored are also expected to be distributed by the government. Japan's government is scheduled to inform local authorities about the start of vaccination in the first half of next year.

According to the government's program, health workers and the elderly are primarily targeted for vaccination. The bill strongly calls on the public to be vaccinated. However, the Japanese government also gives individuals the right to refuse vaccination if the impact and safety of vaccines cannot be adequately proven.

No announcement has yet been made as to whether the bill will cover foreigners who are in session across Japan. Yet,  foreigners in the country are also expected to be able to get the vaccine free of charge, according to a statement by the Kyodo agency's Health Ministry.

On the other hand, another bill adopted in Parliament extended the regulation on the quarantine of passengers arriving in Japan after February if Covid-19 tests are positive.

Prime minister Suga Yoshihide said in a statement that they aim to vaccinate 126 million people across the country in the first half of 2021.

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