News Center -TDO- An event was held at the embassy residence on the Local Projects Grant Program (GGP) hosted by Japan's Ambassador to Turkey Akio Miyajima.

Ambassador Akio Miyajima, Turkey - Japan Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group chairman Yılmaz Tunç, Deputy Minister of National Education Reha Denemeç, Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, Governor of Bartın Province Sinan Güner, Mayor of Malatya Selahattin Gürkan, Mayor of Nevşehir Rasim Arı, Mayor of Osmaniye Province Kadir Kara, Midyat District Governor Tekin Dündar, Sarıcakaya Governor Murat Demirbilek, Mayor of Seydişehir Fatih Kayacan, and other guests attended to the event.

Under the “Japan Official Development Assistance (ODA)” by the Government of Japan, the “Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP)” provides support to relatively small-scale projects that will benefit at the local level.

Through this program, aid worth approximately 9 billion Japanese Yen is carried out annually in 141 countries and regions from 1989 to the present. In 2000, the Ministry of foreign affairs of the Republic of Turkey and according to the protocol signed between the Ministry of foreign affairs of the government of Japan, basic health, and women, with emphasis on issues of basic education, to date, about 420 million Japanese yen to 56 local projects in Turkey project under the program grant in the value of grant aid provided.

Ambassador Miyajima said: "it has been two years and six months since I started as ambassador in Turkey. During this time, I visited forty cities to meet a number of Turks, to taste the delicious food of each region and to see very beautiful historical monuments. Each visit helped me to learn more about Turkey's rich culture and history. I am very happy to serve as an ambassador in a country like this.

Japan attaches great importance to the support of this grant, taking into account its long-standing friendship relations with Turkey. A total of $ 4.2 million in grants have been awarded to 56 projects in 32 provinces since 2001. This program is implemented in 4 main areas in Turkey: health, women and Disaster Management.

Japan and Turkey are historically friendly countries and strategic partners. This year marks the one - hundred-thirtieth anniversary of the Ertugrul frigate accident, which occurred in 1890 and was the cornerstone of the Japan-Turkey friendship. I hope that these projects will contribute to the deepening of the friendship between the two countries.

After the projects are done, I would like to visit you and see the projects on site. I wish each project a success and make everyone happy.

I sincerely wish for peace as soon as possible and an end to the corona virus epidemic. Turkey and Japan “two states are one heart.” Thank you.”

The following are the 9 projects that have been accepted to be realized in 2020 and participated in the mass signing ceremony held on 3 March 2020:

Project Name:

* Bartın social assistance and Solidarity Foundation Women's Vocational Training Center project

* Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Patient Transport Vehicle Project

* Malatya Metropolitan Municipality transportation vehicle project for disabled individuals

* Sarıcakaya social assistance and Solidarity Foundation Women's Vocational Training Center project

* Midyat social assistance and Solidarity Foundation Yemişli Primary School renovation project

* Bolvadin Municipality Search and Rescue Vehicle Project

* Seydişehir Municipality Mobile Health Screening Tool Project

* Nevşehir Municipality transportation vehicle project for disabled and elderly individuals

* Osmaniye Municipality transportation vehicle project for disabled individuals

After the speeches, a signing ceremony was held with the embassy of the project owners.

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