News Center -TDO-  "Festa della Repubblica" (Republic Day) was celebrated in a virtual environment due to Italy's transition from monarchy to Republic as a result of a popular vote held on June 2, 1946, hosted by Italian Ambassador to Turkey Massimo Gaiani.

“This year, unfortunately, we cannot come together to celebrate the Italian Republic Day," Ambassador Gaiani said in his opening remarks, “Despite the progress made in vaccination, health conditions are still challenging, the epidemic has not yet been defeated. So, along with the Italian community, I appeal to you with this video message to celebrate our holiday, which many of our country's friends have always embraced, with all of you in a virtual environment.

Since the outbreak, in the last year and a half, our habits have changed profoundly. By limiting our activities and external contacts, each of us had to stop in the process. Therefore, my wish to express for both our peoples, who have adopted mutual interactions, clarification and dialogue, is that we can return to a “new normal” very soon by regaining everything we have lost in this temporary difficult process. As in Turkey, the foundation of the Republic is celebrated in our National Day. 75 years ago, Italy, shaken by the greatest tragedy of the 20th century, was filled with hope and a desire to get back on track.

In a referendum held on June 2, 1946, the people of Italy voted for the form of our state to be a republic, to establish freedom and the equal dignity of all as the foundation of our democracy. Therefore, I am happy to share the celebration of Italy's National Day with our Turkish friends, celebrating together our shared commitment to these values, including respect for religious freedom and gender equality.

Our countries, along with their common Mediterranean heritage, maintain vibrant bilateral relations, fueled by an intense trade network. Besides a dynamic political and economic partnership, above all, an extraordinary friendship between our peoples unites us.

Today, Italy is the second largest trading partner of Turkey among European countries and the first among the countries that invest the most in Turkey. Turkey, on the other hand, is our main trading partner among the countries in the Mediterranean basin.”

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