İrem GÖL -TDO- After a 10 weeks lockdown shops, hairdressers and restaurants opened on Monday. Italy was the first European country to impose nationwide restriction in early March, only permitting an initial relaxation of the rules on May 4, when it allowed factories and parks to reopen. Restaurants and cafes are required to provide 2 metres of distance between the tables.

 Today marked a major step on the road to normalisation. The government allowed unlimited travel in the individual regions. Also, the public masses are permitted again in churches after the pressure put by the bishops on the government to sanction religious services. The government lighted the green light for opening the borders with Europe and allow free travel between the regions from June 3.

The outbreak started on 21st of February in Italy and almost 32,000 Italians have lost their lives due to the coronavirus, the third-highest death toll in the world after the United States and Britain. The Treasury is expecting the economy to contract at least 8% in 2020, the deepest recession since World War Two.

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