Mustafa AY – TDO – 04.07.2018 Rome stated that they will grant 12 boats to Libyan Coast Guard with the aim of impeding human traffickers’ activities in Mediterranian sea, so the influx of migrants into Italy. By granting 12 boats to Libya, Libyan Coast Guard’ operational capability will be also enhanced, said Rome. However, the fact is that Austria, Germany, France and Spain as well as Italy put huge pressure on Libyan government to assume the most of responsibility –rescue missions in Meditarranian Sea-. In response to pressure, Libyan administration complained its lack of means to conduct rescue missions. Thus, Rome decided on providing Libyan administration with 12 boats as a testimony to ‘good will’.

As known, Italian Minister of Internal Affairs –Matteo Salvini- was coercing both its neighboring countries and EU to take action to remedy migration issue. For a long while, Rome had called EU Council to convene for resolution to this issue. EU Council eventually convened on June 29 even though it was delayed. However, EU Council couldn’t find a unanimous solution to fight against migration issue. As a result of failure in EU, Italian Interior Minister Salvini literally made a scandalling decision on June 30. In accordance with the decision, no NGOs’ vessels conducting rescue missions in Mediterranian Sea will be permitted to harbor Italian ports.

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