Selin ATAY-TDO- Roberto Fico, the President of the Chamber of Deputies, released statements, attesting that the Italian parliamentary house will suspend diplomatic relations with Egypt’s Parliament until there is a “turning point” in the investigation and a trial commences.

Roberto Fico evaluated the latest information shared by the prosecutor's office to clarify the incident of Giulio Regeni, an Italian doctoral student who was found dead in Egypt about 5 years ago, and the relationship between the two countries in this context.

“We were astonished by what the prosecutors in Rome wrote because there are very serious accusations made against the Egyptian National Security Agency. We know he was followed for 40 days, abducted, and kept in room 13 of the Egyptian Interior Ministry.” Fico said.

“As the House of Representatives, we will remain determined to close diplomatic relations with Egypt,” Fico announced. Sources briefed on the assembly shared that Fico's announcement meant the cessation of existing inter-parliamentary diplomatic relations with the Egyptian parliament, which the assembly received in November 2018.

Giulio Regeni's family has called on the Italian government to withdraw the Italian ambassador in Cairo for a stronger response to Egypt over the torture death of their son.

PhD candidate Giulio Regeni disappeared on January 25, 2016 while on his way to downtown Cairo. His body was found several days later, naked and bearing marks of severe torture. In September 2016, Egyptian authorities admitted to having placed Regeni under police surveillance, but have repeatedly denied any involvement in his death.

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