News Center -TDO- The presentation of the Sustain-IT Project Workshop Poster Exhibition, hosted by Giorgio Marrapodi, Italy's Ambassador to Ankara, was held in Ankara as part of the Italian Design Day.

Ambassador Giorgio Marrapodi, Middle East Technical University (METU) Dean of Architecture Faculty Neriman Şahin Güçlühan, Italian Design Ambassador Bahar Gedikli and METU students who participated in the project attended the presentation held at the Italian Embassy.

Speaking at the promotional event, Ambassador Marrapodi stated that the sixth edition of Italian Design Days was held this year and said, "This year's theme is 'Renewal'. In other words, new designs and new technologies for a sustainable future. For the celebration in Ankara, we chose a topic that could relate Italian design concepts to a fundamental sustainability principle." said.

Stating that climate change is an important test for the whole world, Ambassador Marrapodi said, "For this reason, the focus of Italy's previous G20 presidency was sustainability. This is why we welcome Turkey's signing of the Paris Climate Agreement." said.

The posters were prepared by the students of METU Faculty of Architecture, who took lnspiration from Italian design approaches, concepts, Italian cities, buildings, objects and designers, and came up with ideas and re-creations on sustainability and sustainable design. They were gulded by the academic staff from the three departments of METU Faculty of Architecture in preparing their posters. Students, with backrounds in city planning architecture and industrial design, almed at connecting different design inspirations with the concept of sustainability in their posters, working at different  spatialand design scales ranging from city scale  to buildlng and object scales.

After the speeches, Ambassador Marrapodi presented plaques to those who contributed to the exhibition.

Projects and posters prepared by METU Faculty of Architecture students inspired by Italian designs will be exhibited at METU Faculty of Architecture until 13 October.

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